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That side of the moon is too dark...

What I Like:
warm sunny days; playing in water that's not icy cold; things that make me smile; things that make me laugh; animals - especially furry ones I can pet or play with, like cats, dogs, ferrets...and elephants, though they're not furry & I've never petted or played with one, though I did ride one at a fair when I was little; curling up with a good book (memoir, bio/autobio, fantasy/sci-fi, various other genres ) - when I don't have to be anywhere (including asleep) anytime soon; the color of green that leaves are when the sun shines through them; singing, or listening to music (huge eclectic variety...); curling up on the couch under a blanket and drinking hot cocoa watching a movie when it's rainy out; occasionally running around in the rain, especially the crazy rain of Colorado Springs in the summer, when it's sunny then all of a sudden it's raining crazy hard, and sometimes it hails a little too, but an hour later it's sunny again and the streets are already starting to dry; South Park (most of the time)
What I Don't Like:
(in alphabetical order) ageism, antisemitism, classism, heterosexism, lookism, racism, sexism; any other pattern of prejudice and oppression; the gender binary and other crazy social constructs; being cold; creepy-crawly critters with lots of legs, particularly when they're crawling around near me; gory/horror movies, especially ones that give me (run with me here) a psychological "ick" feeling (for example, I Did Not Like "The Ring" but "Blair Witch" was fine); reality TV!
absolute torch & twang, activism, ak, alix olson, ally mcbeal, alternative medicine, altruism, ambiguity, androgyny, animals, art, basses, big band, bisexuals, bjork, blues, bones, books, boxmint, brass, breaking stereotypes, california, carol kane, cats, chiropractic, classical, cocoa, coffee, colorado, compost, corn mazes, cristina iaia, dim sum, dirt, diy construction, dmb, dogs, drama-free lesbians, eating out, edita gruberova, elephants, ending oppression, family, ferrets, fixing things, four-square, fragrant flowers, freecycling, friends, fruit, garbage, gardening, genderqueer, georgia o'keefe, gregory hines, habitat for humanity, having fun, holistic medicine, homeopathy, horton, horton hatches an egg, humanity, india arie, indigo girls, interior design, jazz, joan armatrading, joan cusack, john cusack, johnny lang, justice, kd lang, kengwen, kundalini yoga, lakes, learning, libraries, lingerie, macrobiotics, madeline peyroux, maxfield parrish, music, naturopathy, non-toxicity, oceans, old liz phair, opera, oregon, paraben-free, parker posey, paying it forward, petroleum-free, pex, photography, pj harvey, plants, plastic alternatives, ponds, portia de rossi, portland, re-evaluation counseling, recycling, rocky mountains, rugby, sacred music, salvador dali, sarcasm, sewing, shotokan karate, silliness, singing, smooching, snow, south park, spinach, splashing, strong women, subverting the dominant paradigm, sunshine, sushi, sustainable living, tap-dancing, tea, teeccino, the bay area, the west coast, thunderstorms, tim curry, tools, vegetables, voting, water, woodworking